About Me


I’ve always prided myself as an avid fan of FIA Formula 1 races and am very aware that auto race betting does occur, but my curiosity led me to wonder (and research) just how popular online race betting is for the Formula 1 races.

I wasn’t surprised that my internet search resulted in more than 15 million results, which is why I decided to create a blog that focuses on this multimillion dollar industry.

There are hundreds of online gambling sites that offer online betting services. This can be a dilemma particularly if you have just been bitten by the gambling bug and are looking for the best online gambling sites for Formula 1 racing, not to mention betting tips to make the most out of your bet.

Don’t worry! With “The Race Depot”, you now have access to relevant information in just one website. Join me in my journey as I bring you the most relevant information on Formula 1 races and online betting that you can get your hands on.

I’m Thomas Sage and welcome to “The Race Depot” where I’ll cover everything and anything about the world of FIA Formula 1 racing with emphasis on the online betting game.